PHP development environment on OSX

2011. October 23. Sunday - kepes

I use my MacBook Pro almost three months and try to forget all my behavior what I learned with Windows. I reached that point when I want to use my OSX not just as a user but as a developer.  I would like to redesign and test our webhosting page Tárhelypark before production use. I plan this new page with WordPress, so I need Apache/PHP/MySQL developer environment.

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(Magyar) Facebook alkalmazás – Küldj egy lapot

2011. August 26. Friday - kepes

(Magyar) Facebook alkalmazás – Soproni nem nyertem

2011. August 1. Monday - kepes

(Magyar) Facebook alkalmazás – Üzemanyagár tippelő

2011. April 26. Tuesday - kepes

Filesystems (ext3, ext4, xfs) and RAID comparison

2011. February 20. Sunday - kepes

Installing our new Tárhelypark server there was big questions about filesystems and should we use our old SATa1 hardware RAID or motherboard integrated SATA2 controller can be a competitor. We would like to use cheap solution so we didn’t think about SATA2 hardware RAID.  We found many articles about pro and contra which caused more problem to make the decision due some of this articles was too old. I summarized my results in this Google Docs sheet what I will analyse now.

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